Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Unofficial Power in Motion Run

.46 miles warmup, 3.71 miles run

I'm coaching for Power in Motion this year. It's a great honor that they can use my services, and I'm excited to do a small part toward helping other people enjoy running.

This evening's run was an unofficial run with PIM, and technically it was cancelled because of rain and earlier lightning. I didn't get word that it was cancelled, and about five other people showed up anyway so we took a lap around the park. I got to spend some time with Tom and he gave me the skinny on different Houston running clubs and runners. He invited me to a hill workout session that apparently takes place every M,W and F near my house.

I'm also considering starting a speed workout program with a friend from work. He runs under his coach's supervision at Rice University on Tuesday evenings. I'm concerned that work will frequently run long and stop me from getting to the track in time. But hitting the speed and hill workouts again (with other people!) will be great for my 5K and 10K times.

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