Friday, February 8, 2008

A Sublime Run

5.01 miles, 37:10, 7:25 pace, Max HR = 170, Avg HR = 152, Cadence = 90

I wouldn't so much say that my run was "sublime" so much as I would say that I'm headed to a Sublime cover band concert now that I finished my run.

I missed yesterday's run so I tried to do a small pickup today. 7:25 isn't so bad for five miles. But it's hard to believe that I ran faster than that for 26.2 miles just a month ago.

Before I forget, I had a dream that I won a race the other day. Now you should know that I've never been able to convince my conscious self that winning a race was possible, despite trying. And I've certainly never had that though in my subconscious. Regardless, the oddest thing is about the dream is that it was a steeplechase run, and I was neck and neck just ahead of the last jump into the puddle. I gave it my all and pulled away for the finish.

7:26, 7:32, 7:21, 7:24, 7:18

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