Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

5.01 miles, 39:50, 7:57 pace, No HR info, Cadence = 90

After dinner last night I put on my running clothes and equipment, and watched TV for a minute before heading out for a run. Fatigue took over, and before I knew it I was asleep on the couch. So when I awoke at about 8:45 PM I had a choice to make -- go for my run or go to bed early and hit the run tomorrow morning. I chose the sleep option.

So I got up this morning and laced up for a 5 miler at 5:15 AM. Ideally I wanted to run 7 miles, but time was a consideration because I wanted to get into work early this morning.

I started out unusually slow . . . I guess because I'm sore and tired from my recent miles. I kicked butt and ran negative splits in order to slide in under an 8:00 pace when all was said and done. I'm clearly still new to my neighborhood because I turned the wrong way on my street while returning home.

I want to run a bit tonight, but it's very poor weather so I don't know if that will happen.

mile splits: 9:01, 8:15, 7:48, 7:40, 6:58

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Kevin said...

Hey Jo-nuthin check out this guys turn over.