Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I haven't posted in a while . . . not because I haven't been running, but because I had doubts as to whether or not I wanted to keep a blog. Every post written before this one originally private, and not necessarily intended for public consumption. So I let the entire month of July pass by and I didn't blog any of it.

In short:
July 4 - New PR for 5k at Run Wild Uptown Run, 20:54!
July 7 - 7.23 miles, 1:03:57, 8:50 pace long run to Coco Crepes to meet Julie. Tough run
July 10 - ran through the streets around the neighborhood. The museum district really has some character and it was nice to run with Julie riding the bike alongside of me.
July 14 - Starting to think I can do some distance runs, so I ran four loops around Rice from home, for a total of 13.32 miles. I guess I can run a half marathon without stopping. 2:01:10, 13.32 miles, 9:05 pace
July 19 - I was a bit tired of running Rice, so I changed the scenery and ran through the medical district. Other than the cars, it was a nice run
July 21 - Shenandoah trails. I had to use the mapping capabilities of my watch so I didn't get lost.
July 22 - Spillway Classic 3 mile run in Norco, LA. Ran this with Julie and Dave -- what a blast!
July 25 - Final time trial at Kenyan Nights. Course was long, but my pace was 6:04.
July 28 - Ran with Stephanie's group for 13.75 miles, my longest to date. 13.75 miles, 2:08:53, 9:22 pace, Avg HR = 139, Max HR = 157. Six long water breaks.
July 29 - Ran with Jeff through Hermann Park. He's a marathoner that's getting back into running shape.
August 1 - Ran a tempo run with Cory. I performed well on this one. 4.04 miles, 29:33, 7:18 pace

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