Thursday, August 23, 2007

An Easy Run that was Easy

1:04:04, 7.73 miles, 1:04:04, 8:17 Pace, Avg HR = 146, Max HR = 170

Sometimes (ok, perhaps "often") my easy runs aren't quite as easy as they should be. That being said, today I had a great easy run on what has become my Tuesday/Thursday route. I run from my parking lot to Rice, around Rice twice, and back home for about 7 3/4 miles. It has been taking me close to 1 hour, which is my target so it works out well for me.

The unusual thing about this run is that my pace was faster even though my heart rate was lower and my pickup at the end wasn't as dramatic as the other three times I've run this route. I'm getting better at these long runs, but I was also healthier today after battling a run-in with poison ivy which must've infected a lymph node.

8:38, 8:07, 8:25, 8:26, 8:13, 8:17, 8:19, 5:39 (for .73 miles for 7:47 pace)

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