Thursday, August 30, 2007

Easy Pregame Run

7.73 miles, 1:08:14, 8:49 pace, Avg HR = 136, Max HR = 158

One of the drawbacks to marathon training is the sheer time required to put in the miles required to get into shape. As I mentioned, the LSU Fighting Tigers take kick off the college football season tonight, and I'm scheduled for an hour of easy running. The immovable wall meets the unstoppable force . . . what's going to give? The only solution was to run this morning before work AND watch the game this evening.

So I got up at 4AM to start the brisket, and again at 5AM to start running. I'm on the trail by 5:10 AM and I'm going to be the only crazy person out there, right? Well apparently I missed the memo, because dozens of people were running/walking around Rice at that hour. Who would have known!? Add another item to the long list of things this newbie runner has learned over these past few months.

Today's run was difficult because I've put in some hard miles over the past two days, and my legs haven't had a chance to recoup, particularly considering the fact that I ran three last night and another 7+ less than 12 hours later this morning. Friday's rest day will be well appreciated.

I usually try to run negative splits, but today I knew I didn't want to run too fast so I focused on a constant pace instead.

8:58, 8:48, 8:51, 8:54, 8:45, 8:44, 8:42, 4:19 (8:39 pace)


Kevin said...

I moved from afternoon to butt-crack of dawn a year ago to accomodate my wife's workout schedule (hard for both of use to work out with a child!). The parking lot of the health club where we meet to run is usually full of cars at the 5 AM hour and there are many people on the street. The morning and afternoon groups are like two sub-cultures in the running world. Most people only belong to one or the other.

Jonathan said...

There was a time when used to think that 5AM was a late night instead of an early morning.