Monday, November 5, 2007

Aborted Run

2.53 miles, 24:33, 9:42 Pace, Max HR = 146, Avg HR = 125

I skipped running yesterday -- not so much because I was sore and needed the rest from my 24 mile jaunt (which I was), but because I decided to be a tourist in Birmingham, and then fly back to Houston.

The rest was appreciated, though, because the big toe on my left foot started to hurt on Sunday. I had visions of a nagging injury caused by my tough 24, so I favored it the whole day on Sunday hoping it would get better. The curious thing is that it took a whole day to start hurting -- I felt absolutely no pain at all on Saturday. Julie's nursing capabilities convinced me that it was just some swelling, and an extra strenth dose of NSAIDs knocked it out.

I didn't wake up early enough to run on Monday morning, and I had a family obligation on Monday night. So I had to squeeze in my run after a large mexican dinner and an exploding belly late on Monday night. I wanted to get in three miles and then 20 minutes of hills. Unfortunately I barely got a mile before I started to feel the urge to use the restroom pretty badly. At mile 2.5 I don't think I could have taken another stride without my need to go to the restroom becoming past tense, if you follow me. So I walked it home and called it a night.

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Kevin said...

PPM (Poo-Poo Monster) caught you? He runs pretty fast sometimes!