Thursday, November 22, 2007

Analysis of Turkey Trot

5k, 19:18, 6:12 pace, HR data unreliable

Half Mile Splits according to the Garmin:
2:59 (5:58 pace)
3:06 (6:12 pace), 6:05 first mile
3:16 (6:32 pace)
3:02 (6:04 pace), 6:18 second mile
3:07 (6:14 pace)
3:03 (6:06 pace), 6:10 third mile

What can I say . . . I'm shocked that I was able to perform at such a high level. The best I could have hoped for was something in the range of 19:30-19:45. But today I operated at or beyond my capacity.

Some notes:
* I ran the mile fun run with my two sisters-in-law, so that gave me a heads up on the course. The mile was structured as an out and back along the 5k course. Therefore I was able to get a great visual about when I was a half mile into the race, but more importantly, when I was a half mile from the finish.
* I finished 16th overall, but I may never know how I placed in my age group. I've found Baton Rouge races to be pitiful in most aspects compared to Houston Races. Posting of timely results are one of the many shortcomings.
* The turnaround point (out and back course) was a welcomed sight, because I still felt very strong. I ran the first 1.5 miles in 9:21, and the second 1.5 miles in 9:12.
* Weather = 49 degrees, very gusty in certain spots, 9.2 MPH average wind speed recorded at the airport
* Just before the last half mile a runner passed me. He caught up to another runner who was ahead of me the entire race. So with half a mile left I had two guys about 20 feet ahead of me. I started my push to reclaim the lead of our trio, not knowing if I had enough in my tank to last the entire half mile. It's times like these that I try to rationalize in minutes and seconds. For instance, a half mile at my fastest speed is just short of three minutes. So I tell myslef that I only have to push for three more minutes. It was my intention to blow by them and break their spirit in case I had to let up after passing them. But the rush of passing someone who led me almost the entire race, and passing another who thought he could beat me was enough to cause me to pick it up even faster after I passed them. I stole one glance back with about 100 yards to go, and they were both well back. It was an exciting finish for me.
* I forgot to stop my watch at the end, so I don't have reliable information for the last .1 mile. But the course was a certified 5k, so I feel comfortable that it was measured correctly.

Thanks to my family for coming out in droves today. My mother, my step-father, both of my sisters, my step-brother, my brother-in-law, my future brother-in-law, my wife, my two sisters-in-law, and my uncle-in-law were all in attendence. Most of them ran as well, and I'd love to post their times but those are currently (permanently?) unavailable.

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