Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another Night Run at Rice

5.04 miles, 40:07, 7:57 pace, Max HR = 161, Avg HR = 141

I haven't been running around Rice as much lately. I guess I'm partially burned out on that path, and I'm still nervous about running there after dark because of the potholes and roots on the path. The last thing I want to do is fall down and injure myself to the point that I can't run.

But despite that I hit the Rice trail today after work. It must be getting close to "marathon season" because the loop was populated with a disproportionate amount of serious runners today. I'm glad I didn't see any running my direction (counterclockwise is my typical route) because I wasn't in the mood for competition. Yesterday took a lot more out of me that I would have suspected in terms of muscle fatigue and knee soreness. So I didn't want to run faster than an 8:00 pace over five miles. If I see someone pass me I can get defensive and competitive, and pick up my pace to a place where I don't always want it.

I listened to my MP3 player during the run. It seems as though I only use it about once every two or three weeks. I usually have so much on my mind that I don't typically need the distraction of tunes, but today I just wanted to veg out. Did I already mentioned that I'm ready for this marathon to come and go?

8:11, 7:51, 7:51, 7:56, 8:00

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