Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Kenyan Way Speed #11 - 10x800 with 1MR

AM:1 mile warm up, 10x800 (goal of 3:10) with 1 minute rest, Max HR = 183
PM: 40 easy minutes on exercise bike, Max HR = 123, Avg HR = 94

1 - 3:12, 1:00 rest
2 - 3:11 (this measured a bit long), 1:00 rest
3 - 3:11 (this measured a bit long), 1:00 rest
4 - 3:03, 1:03 rest
5 - 3:10, 1:01 rest
6 - 3:06, 1:00 rest
7 - 3:06, 1:00 rest
8 - 3:08, 1:02 rest
9 - 3:08, 0:59 rest
10 - 3:06

Average 800 = 3:08

I was really intimidated by this workout because of the lack of rest between reps, and the number of reps. I wasn't sure I could do it in my goal time of 3:10. After about seven I was really dragging, and considered cutting it off at eight, and coasting the final two. But I told myself that under almost any circumstances I can do "one more" in my goal time, even if I had to do it at an outright sprint. So at seven, I really only had to struggle with two more (eight and nine). So I did the two more, and then completed the tenth by sheer determination. I was exhausted after finishing, but my heart rate dropped down pretty quickly. My legs were tired at work, but I felt only a bit of fatigue by the end of the day.

This workout is a modified version of Yasso 800s, which I wrote about in a previous blog entry two months ago. Cory also has a blog entry about Yasso 800s. The modification is in the rest . . . Sean had us rest only 1 minute (immobile) whereas the Yasso 800s have you jog your recovery in the same time it took to run the 800. I asked Sean about his modification, and he said he thinks a longer rest is too easy. He can be a slave driver like that.

My stationary bike ride in the evening after work was probably a waste of time. My heart rate barely climbed, but I wasn't in the mood to crank up the resistance. If it did do any good, it was simply because I kept my legs moving at 90 RPM which hopefully helped to flush out the waste products within the muscles generated by my speed workout this morning. I'm going to run tomorrow morning and take Friday off in preparation for my 15 mile race on Saturday.

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