Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Quick Moring Six in Oswego

6.01 miles, 45:41, 7:36 pace, Avg HR = 142, Max HR = 164

I went out for a quick run this morning before I headed off to the plant for a day of tours and Q&A. It was dark at 5:28 AM when I started and the sun had yet to rise when I finished at 6:13 AM. The temperature was 41, which felt great despite some wind gusts and an average wind speed of 5.8 MPH.

Since the season has changed I've been running a lot more in the darkness. I'm not particularly keen on it, but I don't run for a living so obviously my hobby has to take a back seat to my profession. I wear a reflector on my left ankle (not sure why I chose that leg) to make myself a little more visible to cars, and I stay away from trails that aren't level. A friend at work recently tripped on a root in the dark and scraped herself up a bit, so I've decided that braving the streets and cars is a bit better than the hazards of sidewalks and trails.

I wanted to finish up strong today, and I managed to do that from a time perspective. My last mile was sub-seven.

8:24, 7:42, 7:48, 7:54, 7:02, 6:43

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