Thursday, March 27, 2008

An Hour with Julie

8.53 miles, 1:03:20, 7:25 pace, Max HR = 161, Avg HR = 149

I ran from home to the bayou and back home today with Julie riding alongside on the bicycle. It was fun to talk about our day while enjoying the great weather and the rest of the afternoon. We came home and made a crawfish and crab curry dish over omega-3 fortified pasta . . . an excellent evening.

I told her it would be about an hour, without really knowing exactly how far it would be, and it turned out to be almost exactly an hour! I took two gel packs with me since I'm trying to get into the habit of consuming those on the longer runs so I am used to in during marathons.

Good news! Today my CCC10K official time was finally posted correctly . . . 39:40 (chip)

I've been negligent and failing to blog all of my runs, but I caught up. If you're interested in backtracking, new entries as of today can be found at:
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