Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rice Track - 2 - 5x1000 with 3MR

2.08 Mile Warm Up5x1000 with 3 MR, Max HR = 171, Avg HR = 135

1000M is a difficult distance for me. You can't sprint the whole thing, but you can't treat it as an easy run either. As a new runner, it's difficult for me to keep a pace. That's why it's nice to run at the track with a group of people in my speed range. It is because of them that my splits were relatively level. I really kicked it home during the last one. I still don't know what my best mile would be, but that one was a pace of 5:41. If I wanted to set my mile PR, I would have had to run 609 more meters to finish and I would have slowed down. But then again, I wouldn't have run 4000 meters over the prior 30 minutes either.

3:45, 3:01 rest
3:36, 3:13 rest
3:38, 3:04 rest
3:36, 3:02 rest

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