Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Will's Hills - 6 - Three Person Relay on 400 track

Warm up
Workout/Warm Down

Today's workout was a nice change for normal speed work. I paired up with Lily and Trisha, two strong runners, to form a three person relay team. We ran the 400M "track" at the "dog bowl", named because people like to bring their dogs there. I've never knowingly stepped in any dog waste product, which is either blind luck or ignorance.

It sounds complicated, but the relay wasn't really that difficult. The progression was this: I ran 300 and rested while my first relay partner ran 100, and passed it off to my second relay partner who ran 300. Then it was my turn to run 100 and pass it off to my partner who was running 300. SO, as a team we ran 300-100-300-100, etc. Individually, I alternated running 300/100, with a rest period equal to the time it took my teammates to run 400 together.

This went on for 14 minutes with a break of about 5 minutes, followed by another 14 minutes.

I'll have to remember this workout in case I'm ever with a group containing a multiple of three. It was pretty good, although exhausting as it came on the heels of last night's 15x300.

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