Monday, March 31, 2008

Will's Hills 7 - Three Stage 25 Minute Hills, plus TDLR

.81 warm up3.11 of hills at 8:04 pace

The hills were particularly tiring for me this morning, although the course wasn't that difficult. It was structed as a three tier run, with an "easy" stretch (flat/downhill/uphill), a "moderate" stretch (flat), and a "hard" stretch (uphill). My legs were weary from yesterday's long run, and I skipped the post run workout in order to do it myself at home. 100 crunches, 100 bicycles, 2x1M bridge, 2x20 push-ups, 1x20 butteflies? with 8# weights on my back on the exercise ball. All of these exercises are about 25% less than what I could do during my last marathon training. My core has gotten weak.

I'm going to try a new feature in my blog for a while (until I get tired of doing it) called "This Day Last Year" (TDLY). It will hopefully give me a chance to laugh at my old self and compare how I'm doing now. 3/29/07 was the first time I ever used my Garmin watch, and TDLY was the second time. It just so happens that it was a 5k race.

5k Bellaire Trolley Run, 24:47, 8:01 pace, Max HR = 185, Avg HR = 168. This race was almost cancelled because the weather was so bad. Trees were down on the way to the race, and lightning was still around the area. My watch took forever to sync up because it was very overcast. I can remember going out pretty fast during the first quarter mile (Cory said I "shot out of a cannon"), and then settling in before a big push at the end. At some point both Julie and Cory passed me, although I didn't see either of them. It wasn't until the end of the race that I found out they beat me! At the post race party I pigged out on pizza and tried Accelerade for the first time ever.

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