Wednesday, March 26, 2008

PIM - Batons - Week 4

My PIM session Today

I mostly walked today with an injured runner from the GUs, Vicki. She hurt her foot and was wearing a soft cast. Her doctor told her to keep off of it, but Dr. Bob (GU Coach and retired orthapedic doctor) told her she could run or walk on it as long as it didn't bother her. There is a large contingent of medical personnel who believe that, under certain circumstances, recovery can be sped up by applying slight stress to the injury as opposed to total rest.

I listened to a great comment the other day on a podcast from a coach of olympic caliber athletes. He said the number one factor that determined a champion was how the person dealt with injury. If they were used to running two hours per day, did they use their injury time to catch up on their thesis? Or did they hit the bike and pool for four hours instead, and the chiropractor and masseuse for another couple?

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