Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Will's Hills - 5 - 10x400 with 2MR

My legs are heavy from the past few days of speed and hill work. I went to bed last night with the intent of gauging my fatigue, pain and motivation in the morning before deciding whether to go to Will's Hills. I can deal with fatigue, and there was no pain, so the decision boiled down to motivation. I'm always particularly lazy on the days that Julie is off of work because I'd rather hang out with her than do just about anything else. Bu I managed to pull myself into my running gear and get out of the house just in time to catch the group heading off to the workout.

The workout was structured as 10x400 (with a slight uphill in the beginning and a slight downhill at the end. The course measured as .26 miles according to my Garmin, but it doesn't really matter because I can't really compare my times to those on a track anyway. But here they are:
1:37.67 (1:57 rest)
1:35.00 (1:57 rest)
1:29.18 (1:57 rest)
1:34.05 (2:00 rest)
1:28.77 (1:56 rest)
1:31.73 (1:53 rest)
1:30.50 (1:55 rest)
1:26.61 (1:57 rest)
1:26.65 (1:55 rest)
1:25.32 (skipped the plyometrics and calisthenics and headed home)

I saw Brett Riley there. He was running with a friend (Tom?). I tried to keep up with those guys, and managed to keep my splits within a second or two of them. But the comparison isn't really fair because they were jogging 400s as recovery and I remained stationary in an attempt to get my heart rate down. Even so, it was clear they were taking it somewhat "easy", whereas I was hitting it pretty hard. It's exciting to be running to people who are on a different plane than me.

Tonight I have my second session of Power in Motion, and I'll have to decide whether or not I'll take a lap of Memorial Park afterwards. The legs are holding up realatively well, so I might give it a go.

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