Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rice Track - 3 - 15x300

Warm Up
Three sets of 5x300 with 100 walk rest, and 4 minutes rest between each group of 5
Warm Down

This wasn't as tough as I thought it would be. Doing one more set of 5x300 would have possibly killed me, but three wasn't too bad. This was the first time I ran at the Rice Track and I didn't do a hill workout the day before, so my legs were a bit fresher than normal. If I had to point out one bad thing about the workout today, and this is nitpicking, I'd say that I wish I wouldn't have taken increasingly long walk breaks and breaks between sets. The purpose of interval speed work is to keep your heart rate up, and taking longer breaks lessens the benefit of the workout.

There is no doubt that these workouts will make me a lot faster. The people are serious about their training, which is an infectious attidude. But the potential problem is that it's difficult for me to pull myself away from work in order to get there in time. Tuesdays are often big days at the office, so it's not always a good idea for me to leave before 6:00.

1 59.57, 1:11 rest
2 58.55, 1:12 rest
3 58.25, 1:12 rest
4 56.80, 1:14 rest
5 56.33, 4:09 rest
6 56.98, 1:27 rest
7 55.67, 1:31 rest
8 55.21, 1:28 rest
9 55.07, 1:32 rest
10 54.30, 4:29 rest
11 56.82, 1:32 rest
12 56.15, 1:34 rest
13 56.15, 1:34 rest
14 57.18, 1:35 rest
15 52.70, 1:39 rest

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