Thursday, April 24, 2008

5k Thresold Run

3.11 Miles, 20:04, 6:27 pace, Max HR = 173, Avg HR = 153, 3% Zone 5, 51% Zone 4, 37% Zone 3, 1 mile warm down, 7:35 pace

Originally I was going to run a quick pace over an hour, but after a mile I decided I was pressed for time (needed to go to company happy hour) and I decided to do a 5k instead with a warm down. I finally found my heart rate monitor strap so I used it for the first time in a while. Tough run, but not too bad.

mile splits:
6:31, 6:35, 6:21, 0:34 for .11 miles (5:09 pace)

Most of the running blogs I read are better/more entertaining than mine, and many of them don't talk as much as I do about running. They're funny or interesting or at least engaging, which I admit I fail to do with most of my posts. But the other blogs tend to offer a little insight into the person off of the track. So today I'll bore you with something other than a running diatribe.

The Harvard Business Review sent me my final issue today. I've been a subscriber for a few years, and I initially devoured the magazines but that has subsided over the past year or so. I might read an issue cover-to-cover here or there, but usually I don't get past unwrapping the plastic cover.

This wouldn't be an issue except for the fact that it's not cheap. So why do I continue to get it? The hope that I'll spontaneously reengage? The "elitist" factor of subscribing? Not wanting to end my continuous streak of subscription? (I'm funny like that.) I don't know.

What I do know is that I decided to let it expire because it seems to be a waste of my money since I don't read it. But I did thumb through it this month, and found a slew of great articles.

1) "Leadership's Online Labs" about companies that experiment in online spaces like Second Life. I don't "do" those worlds (mine is already almost too much to handle), but I really dig the economic and sociological laboratory that these other "worlds" provide. It's a great place to perform economic analysis.
2) "The Science of Thinking Smarter" about an expert in neuroscience who believe he knows ways to improve productivity. I've been fascinated with the physical structure of the brain and the way it works ever since my Neural Networking class in the undergrad days. If I could find a way to get paid designing neural networks that mimic the brain then I'd jump on it.
3) "When Winning is Everything" about irrational thought processes (and the resulting decisions) that occur in intense competition. I'm going to make a mental note to refer this article to a friend who's company is currently involved in a highly competitive situation involving M&A.
4) "Even the Poorest Can Be a Thriving Market" about governments, corporations and NGOs that provide capital for business via micro-loans and assistance in order to build market share and make money. Like most Americans, I'm enamored with socially conscious businesses but I secretly wonder if the models are sustainable since it might just be "in" right now.

So, time to wake up again. Hope you enjoyed your nap!

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Kevin said...

Hey 'nothin',
I bet to differ, your blogs are usually interesting when you write ones that are longer than an paragraph. While there are some that are funnier, your does not lack in the edifying department(yes I had to look up that word before I used it!). Keep it up.