Monday, April 14, 2008

Bike Ride to Cross Train and Tour de Bayou Standings

14.73 mile bike ride, 1:13:20, 4:58 pace, Max HR = 136, Avg HR = 108, 33% in zone 2, balance below

It's not easy for me to get a good workout while riding the bike. I think I'm working hard, and my legs are burning (sometimes), but my heart rate doesn't get very high and I find myself slacking off since it's possible to coast. If you coast while you run then you will earn yourself a face full of gravel.

I took today off from running in order to give my right achilles a rest. I want to be able to run stage three of the Tour de Bayou tomorrow, and hills are stressful for the achilles. After two stages I'm in sixth place overall, prior to the age-grading adjustment that this series uses.

Person Total Diff
Mark Holland 41:12
Matt Nicol 41:15 0:03
Jorge Alvarado 41:53 0:41
Joe Schwieterman 42:17 1:05
Francisco Garza 43:36 2:24
Jonathan Bennett 44:18 3:06
Nira Flavio 45:18 4:06
Helen Grant 46:17 5:05
Mark Fraser 46:40 5:28
Greg Duvall 46:40 5:28
Phillip Hollacher 47:24 6:12
Jody Berry Rico 47:39 6:27

TDLY - Rest Day

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