Wednesday, April 30, 2008

PIM - Batons - Week 9

2.90 Miles, Continuous Run with one water break in the middle, 33:34, 11:37 pace

Today we were scheduled for a 2.5 mile Indian Run. That's running in a single file line, and having the person in the back run to the front and say something about themselves as they're passing everyone. But our Batons have a wide variety of paces, so an Indian Run didn't seem feasible since the entire group has to run at about the same pace.

We opted for a trip around the park instead. For most of the Batons this was their first time to circumnavigate Memorial Park! The 5K goal race is this weekend, so this was a tremendous confidence builder.

On a personal note, I went to Will's Hills this morning, and my right Achilles still hasn't gotten any better. With the impending marathon, I've decided to take a solid week of rest in order to take the opportunity to heal. This will negatively affect my fitness level, but the possible side-effect of running through this pain is a long term injury. I can handle the pain, but I don't want to even think about sitting out 3-6 months because I was too dumb to take a break and heal.

TDLY (This Day Last Year)- 3.39 miles, 29:35, 8:43 pace, Max HR = 174, Avg HR = 155. The bottom dropped out of the sky shortly into this run, and my MP3 player got so wet it quit working. I decided to take the opportunity to run inside of the Hermann Park golf course since nobody was golfing in the rain.

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