Sunday, April 13, 2008

Relatively Fast Long Run before Mass, and Run with Julie after lunch

17.18 miles, 2:02:48, 7:08 pace, Max HR = 155, Avg HR = 143, 97% zone 3 and below, zone 4 was final push

I got up early to get this long run in before Julie, her parents and I headed to the new Catholic Cathedral for a 9:30 mass. I wanted to run for two hours regardless of pace. The weather was perfect today (63-67 during my run), which probably won't happen again until the fall. I worried about my legs a bit since I ran hard yesterday and followed that up by being cramped in a car to/from Austin. The first mile was slow, but the rest were under 7:30.
7:56, 7:29, 7:18, 7:11, 7:16,
7:24, 7:23, 7:04, 7:07, 7:01,
6:40, 6:50, 7:05, 7:01, 6:57,
6:55, 6:49, 1:06 (.16 miles, 6:52 pace)

1) I hammered the hills (up and down, in preparation for the Ogden Marathon). That's why you see some sub seven miles.)
2) I ran the Houston marathon route in reverse from my house, to the start. I still get giddy when I see that blue line painted on the street.
3) Post-run smoothie (banana, pineapple, blueberry, yogurt, orange juice). I'm getting pretty good at making these. I'm going to start adding some flax seed (high in omega-3 fatty acid) and whey protein that I bought at Central Market today. I hope it doesn't affect the taste in a negative way.

2.88 mile run with Julie, 24:47, 2.88 miles, 8:35 pace, Max HR = 142, Avg HR = 127

After lunch I joined Julie for a lap around Rice. She almost left me in her dust during the last mile, but I was determined not to lose her so I could provide her with her pace which would come from my watch as long as I kept up. It was during this time that I felt a very slight weakness in my right achilles tendon, which I'll have to monitor very closely to make sure it doesn't develop into anything serious.

Rice is the best running loop in the city from a shade perspective, and by the afternoon it turned a bit warm. Just watch out for the roots or you'll be taking a mouthful of crushed granite.

TDLY - 3.01 miles, 25:30, 8:27 pace, Max HR = 175, Avg HR = 161. I drove to Baton Rouge after work, and ran along the levee and through campus. I met Jeff for a beer afterwards. I remember pushing this pretty hard and having a tough time on the slight inclines through LSU.

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