Monday, April 28, 2008

Long Run in Baton Rouge

18.19 miles, 2:31:36, 8:19 pace, Max HR = 138, Avg HR = 129, 92% Zone 2, 7% Zone 3

1) Forgot to set auto lap, so I had one 18.19 mile lap and no splits.
2) 56 degrees! and 85% humidity
3) Ran for about two to three miles into a stiff wind along the Mississippi River Levee. Although the Mississippi is off it's maximum height this year, it's still higher than I've ever seen it.
4) I took this really slow because I'm still a bit sore from my 5K race on Saturday and I was one a one man mission to eat and drink my body weight over the past two days and two festivals.

I'm ready for the Ogden Marathon. I hope and expect Cory is as well, although he's been struggling with some health issues and had to walk the last portion of the Striders 30K that he ran this weekend along a similar course as the Ogden Marathon.

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