Friday, April 18, 2008

Complaints and Rationalizations

7.36 miles, 1:02:16, 8:27 pace, Max HR about 145, Avg HR = 192

I jumped out of bed this morning and hit the street at 4:04 AM, the earliest I've ever run before. The trail by my house is slightly wooded, and I think the animals have an unspoken agreement that they own the trail by night while we own it during the day. I got the impression that I stirred up some commotion by running this early. I saw a possuum scurry to cover, and a gigantic bullfrog hop across the path in front of me, heading toward the bayou. This bullfrog probably ate people for breakfast. It was BIG. I'm talking Calaveras County big.

Two days ago I blogged to my PIMsters about sucking it up and pushing forward when you want to stop. I think today's run was my test to see if I practice what I preach.

What transpires is a flow of consciousness in my mind:

Ugh -- it's early (but at least I'm not tired because I went to bed early last night.)
Ugh -- it's hot for this early (but it started misting so that cooled me off.)
Ugh -- the mist turned into rain (but at least there aren't a lot of puddles.)
Ugh -- it's really coming down now. I can feel the sting of the rain and I'm more than ankle deep in water in some spots (but at least the lightning is far away.)
Ugh -- I need a restroom break (so I'll use this as an excuse to pick up the pace toward home.)
Ugh -- I'm home, but I'm soaking wet (but I'm finally home and I can do the three S's. It sure is nice to take a shhhhhh. . .ower.)

mile splits:
9:00, 8:44, 8:43, 8:29, 8:19, 8:09, 8:09, 2:35 (.36 miles, 7:10 pace)

TDLY - PIM lap around Memorial Park with track session of 400s.

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