Friday, April 11, 2008

Will's Hills 11 - 500s, 700s, 1200s

Warm Up, 700, 500, 1200, 700, 500, 1200, 700, 500, Max HR = 170

This was a good workout. We ran around a 1200M course along the bayou, broken into a 500M stretch and a 700M stretch. So at the end we ran five laps. I followed Kevin the whole way. He looked strong and it's easier to do speed work with another person. We averaged around a 6:00/mi pace for all legs. We probably could have gone faster, but we were running on the uneven footing of hills, dirt and potholes in the dark, so you have to be cautions. After my set I ran with Monica for her last 700 and 500. She looked strong during that stretch.

Afterwards I stayed around for core exercises and biked home since it was my 9/80 Friday off. The rest of the day was spent running errands and preparing the house for Julie's parents' visit. By the way, raking, edging (manual edger), and sweeping the driveway qualify as a great upper body workout.

TDLY - 2.92 mile PIM Run, 27:52, Max HR = 158, Avg HR = 150 followed by the 3.89 mile LP run, 34:20, 8:50 pace, Max HR = 183, Avg HR = 167, 15 laps and change

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