Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Will's Hills 12 - 4x1Mile

Warm Up, 4x1Mile with 1000 meter recover, Warm Down

Four miles at near top speed was intimidating, but I gutted it out. Kevin, Lee, one other guy (forgot his name) and I took turns leading portions of the workout. As a result I think I pushed myself much harder than I would have if I ran these alone. I'm not sure if I run faster when I'm trying to keep up with someone, or if I'm in the lead trying to keep a good pace for the rest of the crew.

Miles splits(actually measured .95 and .96 on the Garmin):
5:52, 5:52, 5:51, 5:55 (slow start but strong finish on my last mile)

Looking at those times I'd like to say I wish I had a slightly better pace. But I have to remind myself that the elevation change, uneven terrain and darkeness makes this more difficult than a street or track run. Also, I wonder if the painted mile marker is more accurate than my Garmin, meaning I might really be running sub-6 repeats.

I had no Achilles concerns, but I'm not ready to write this off yet. I think I'll talk to my friend from H-Town Runner to get her feedback since she suffered through this injury last year.

TDLY - Easy run around Hermann Park, 2.79 miles, 26:14, 9:24 Pace, Max HR = 148, Avg HR = 138

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