Thursday, April 10, 2008

An Hour in the 'Hood

7.28 miles, 1:00:27, 8:17 pace, Max HR = 149, Min HR = 131

No matter how many times you run the same route, you never know what might happen to make the experience unique that time.

I got out of bed and hit the road by 5:33 AM with the intent of running for an hour at no particular pace. I've been trying to run in the morning so I can spend my evenings with Julie. When I run after work, it pushes back her dinner or we don't get to eat together. Plus, I usually end up eating a lot more at dinner time, and sometimes it's difficult for me to come back down and get to sleep.

So, as I'm running I start to feel the accumulation of lots of training over the past few days and I'm TIRED and ready to call it quits. But as I listen to my iPod, I hear the story about Billy Mills and his historic 10K at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. I'm going to dedicate a post to that subject in the near future for my PIMsters, but I went from spent to exhilarated over a span of about 20 seconds while listening to a recording of his performance. I ended up completing my run and picking up the pace to boot. He transported me to a place of champions, and for one fleeting second I was able to pretend I was running for glory as he did in 1964.

(It's a pity I had no split information because I'd like to compare the before and after of my podcast moment.)

TDLY - Rest

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